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Llamas and Alpacas of the Mid-Atlantic States

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Can we talk? We are here to serve the Lama Community. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us. Please be gentle, we are unpaid volunteers!

LAMAS Board of Directors

Dale Graham - President
540-937-4475 dale.graham@gmail.com

Nancy Sottosanti - Vice President

540-743-4310  luralam@shentel.net


Carol Kieffer - Secretary

540-374-1325  carol_kieffer@amron.com

Appointed Treasurer: Norm Jacobs
757-566-3862 llamasburg@earthlink.net

Dennis Milsten 

703-740-6911  dmilsten@hughes.net

Pat Sher 

540-937-2425  pat.sher@sher.cc

Tim Parkman 

540-631-9175  tcllamas@comcast.net

Theresa Rush      



Doris Berry 

703-594-3384  mulberryfarm@comcast.net

Committee Chairpersons

Newsletter Editor: Linda Brown
Librarian: Beth Rowe  540-886-0290
Database Manager & Auditor: Ranny Robertson  804-798-1959
Government Relations: Marsharee Wilcox  410-374-3783
Membership Directory: Linda Brown  540-554-8635
LAMAS Locator: Linda Brown  540-554-8635
Webmanager: Donna Parkman 540-631-9175