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Llamas and Alpacas of the Mid-Atlantic States

Benefits of LAMAS Membership

For literally pennies a day...you will have ALL the valuable benefits listed below. In addition, you will become part of a wonderful group of people who just LOVE lamas and the lifestyle they facilitate.

LAMAS Newsletter

This newsletter is published 6 times a year and brings you lama related educational articles, current medical practices to aid you in caring for your animals, upcoming events, training techniques, fiber related articles and much more. The best part is that YOU can be a part of this newsletter. Show off your newest arrivals...your prizewinning lamas...write an article and become a "published author". This is YOUR newsletter and we want it to include every member. Share what you know to benefit all lamas.
Want to know more about your newsletter? When does it come out? What are the advertising rates? What size ads are available? All that and more can be found by clicking HERE!

Yearly Membership Directory

Free listing of member farm, sponsored veterinarians, and for a small fee, an additional opportunity to advertise your farm, lama related business or list your herd sires. You will not believe how often this directory will "save the day". What was the name of that farm...gee, I wish I had their phone number. The answers are at your fingertips with our invaluable Membership Directory.

LAMAS Pamphlet "Learning About Llamas"

Up to 50 copies of this little gem a year to hand out to the public or your farm visitors. Help them learn from the beginning how to properly care for our beloved lamas. If you'd prefer to download and print at your convenience, click HERE.

LAMAS Lending Library

This invaluable resource is FREE to members. It includes many educational book and videotapes on various aspects of raising, training, breeding and birthing lamas, as well as fiber, buildings, fencing and a whole bunch more. You may decide to purchase that asset for your personal library, but you can preview it for FREE as a LAMAS member!

Free Farm Listing on the LAMAS website

You can be located by member name, farm name or state. Makes it easy for potential customers to find you.

Regular Membership Meetings

No secret handshake, just show up and learn and contribute. Always a variety of educational topics and fun activities. These meetings are open to non-members also, so bring your friends and potential customers. Everyone is welcome!


You will have a voice in national government agencies who determine regulations concerning camelids and their health regulations. We have people who work tirelessly to make sure that those who make the laws are well informed to allow intelligent decision making.

Friends and Colleagues

You will find a community of likeable people who share your interests and are willing to share their knowledge and experience. And, at no extra charge, you will have fun!

Please click here for a membership application.