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Llamas and Alpacas of the Mid-Atlantic States


The LAMAS newsletter is presently being sent to members via email or as a hard copy by request.  Color ads  are encouraged.

Ad deadlines are:
Feb. 1, April 1, June 1, August 1, September 1, December 1

Please use the Advertisers Request Form or email editor:


Ad Prices:
Ads must be paid in full to get the “Multi Issue” lower rate.

Display Advertisements must be camera ready, done as a positive on paper (black on white) or computer generated ads are encouraged for better quality. Use formats such as .pdf or picture formats ( .jpg .tif .gif ) for best reproduction.   Most business cards are acceptable.  Xerox copies, fax copies, and some printer originals do not scan well and quality will be lost.  Call or email before sending ads to discuss format and size.  Ad set up or reformating is available upon request at an extra cost.   For more information contact Linda Brown at 540-554-8635 or email at



Classifieds Ads are $5.00 each for members up to 25 words.  Each additional word after 25 is 20 cents.  For counting purposes: the entire farm name is one word...the phone number is one word...an animal’s whole name is one word... punctuation does not count as a word. Edit your ad- we will not correct  or rewrite your text.  Payment must be submitted with ads or for emailed ads, payment must be postmarked by deadline date or contact editor.

Cost for members is per Advertisement  per Issue when reserved

 if paid in full for Total # of Issues

Ad Size Size $ each for
1 issue
$ each for
2-5 issues
$ each for
6 issues
Full Page

9 3/4” H X 7 1/4” W

$45.00 $40.00 $35.00
Half Page

4 3/4” H X 7 1/4”W

or 9 3/4”H X 3 1/2”W

$25.00 $25.00 $20.00
Quarter Page

4 3/4”H X 3 1/2”W

or 2 1/4”H X 7 1/4”W

$15.00 $15.00 $12.50
Business Card   $10.00 $10.00 $8.00

For Ad space reserved at the Multi Issue - the ads may be changed for each issue - only the space is being reserved.